Bits from National stud

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Stud Kladruby n. L.
Stud Slatiňany

Bits from National stud

1491 Pardubiceś landed estate and kladrubś park was bought by Perštejn family

1560 Kladrubś park together with Pardubiceś estate was given to Maximilián II.

( Caesar from 1563) by Czech order as a gift

1579  original horse – park was  upgraded to caeser court stud by caesar Rudolf II.   official  established year

1757 Stud with all the breeding records burned down.

1770 Stud was built up again by Caesar Josef II.

1764 Founder of  old-kladrubś whitehorses Pepoli was born.

1770  Stables  in Josefov was established.

1787 Whitehorse Generale was born.

1789 Whitehorse Generalissi was born.

1800 Blackhorse Sacramoso was born

1826 Horse breeding  of warmblooded horses began   in Kladruby A 1/1 .

1831 Stables in Selmice were built .

1844 New empire stables were finished.

1873 The date of the fire and their restoration in Selmice.

1865 Staible Padock was built.

1918 Stud under government autority.

1922 Napoleon clanbecame extinct.

1945 Horse breeding Research Institute was established  in Slatiňany.

1952 Kladrubś educational institute was established.

1979 Grand celebration of four hundred years since Kladrubś stud was established.

1992  Holding tradition of riding days was interrupted .

1995  Old Kladrubś  horse considered as a culture memory.

2002  Clan batch of whitehorses and Kladrubś stud were recognized as a national historic  


2003 Riders days and others studs drives were renewed.

2004 Four hundred twenty fifth anniversary of the establishment.