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Stud Kladruby n. L.
Stud Slatiňany


Slatiňany stud was established in 1898 as a  castle stud  and  is located on the north of  the castle park.

Originally it come from previous an authentic stud for horses that were used for hunting and which  belonged to the Ausperg family. Nowdays the castle serves as a hipology museum with a wide collection. The stud is situated across from the castle  in Heřmanův Městec that belonged to the clan Kinský. When  the second world war  ended and after taking over all  properties   (August 1945)  all Old Kladrub horses were moved into the stud in Slatiňany. Old kladrub horses regeneration had been in progress since 1939  in Průhonice u Prahy. National experimental stud in Slatiňany was established and kept on  regeneration of these breeds until 1973. In 1948  the stallion was  renamed the Research Clinic for Horse breeding in Slatiňany and it exsisted until 1992.

In Slatiňany stud more than 65 years of Old Kladrub horses in black colour have been bred thus Old kladrub black horse. Old Kladrub horses has got Spanish Neapol breed and being classified as a baroque breed. It was set in for ceremonial purpose of  Royal courts. The breed history date back to 1579. However the breeding of black horses was interrupted and  in 1931 was nearly eliminated.

Thanks to professor F. Bílek from VŠZ in Prague the remaining black horses has been collected within the scope of a unique regeneration project. Nowdays we can admire them as a „black pearl“ Czech breed. The project was initiated in Průhonice u Prahy in 1939. Futhermore Dr. Lev Richter has continued the project from 1945  in Slatiňany and regeneration was finished together with Doc. Jaromír Dušek and other collegues. Besides Kladrubś white horses  there were also Lipicś black stud horse Siglavi Pakra and Freaseś stud horse Romke.  They  incorporated two new clans together with the original clan  Sacramoso and Solo ( found in thirtieth by elimination from Sacramoso clan).