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Stud Kladruby n. L.
Stud Slatiňany

National Stud Kladruby nad Labem

National stud Kladruby nad Labem is the oldest major stud  in the world. It‘s situated close to Pardubice in Polabí lowlands where the soil conditions are ideal for a stud-farm (sandy soil and  loamy-sandy soil). Presently all the horses of National stud Kladruby nad Labem,s.p.o. are bred in Kladruby n. Labem (whitehorses) and also in Slatiňany ( blackhorses).

In Kladruby nad Labem there are old Kladrubś whitehorses housed in several facilities. Right in Kladruby nad Labem  there are stabled horses of a base batch – studhorses and brood mares, foals for separation, horses in training, sports horses and horses for sale. Weaned horses come to the „Padock“ and in one year later they are moved to a breeding stud in Selmice. Nowdays there are mostly only warm-blooded mares. Some are placed in Josefov where they are stabled low-in foal breeder mares or effete mares.  The breeding stud Selmice is four kilometres big along lime blossom trees which cross the pasture. In Selmice they are in separated into  batches of stud horses and batchs of mares breed three year classes young horses – yearling,biennial and triennial. 

Present horse breeding

Currently National stud Kladruby nad Labem, s.p.o. breeds around 540 horses. In Kladruby nad Labem visitors can  look at oldkladrubś white horses. In Kladruby  there are  around 290 horses together with a small batch of Czech warm – blooded horses  and private horses. In Slatiňany stud there are  around 250 old – kladrubś stud horses.


The use of old – kladrubś horses

Old kladrubś white - horses were primarily used for ceremonies and old kladrubś black - were horses for the  clergy. Nowdays you can find old-kladrubś white – horses  from the  National stallion  being  used in the  Swedish and Danish  courts. Today old – kladrubś white-horses and black-horses from National stud representing mainly in team contests, in classical manage, in a contest of barocco team, in  demonstration to Spanish High school or by the  police  in Prague, Pardubice and in Ostrava. Old-kladrubś horses are known for their good tempered character and  have been used for hypotherapy and recreational horse back riding.