School visits

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We offer reduced admission for school groups, youth organisations and youth camps.

Prices of tours for school groups in English or German


Pre-school children

(kindergarten children under 6)


(elementary, secondary & higher education students under 26)

Tour duration


CZK 60 /

€ 2.4

CZK 90 /

€ 3.6

30–45 min.


CZK 45 /

€ 1.8

CZK 65 /

€ 2.6

30–45 min.

Carriage house, harness room and museum

CZK 45 /

€ 1.8

CZK 65 /

€ 2.6

30–45 min.

Forester’s house CZK 15 /

€ 0.6

CZK 20 /

€ 0.8

30 min.
Lookout tower CZK 5 /

€ 0.2

CZK 10 /

€ 0.4

individual max. 30 min.

The reduced admission prices are valid for organized groups of children, pupils and students from all types of schools, educational centres and institutions, as well as youth camps and organizations. The minimum group size is 7. For each 7 people in a group we provide one free admission for the teacher or group leader.

To be eligible for the reduced admission the groups are required to book their tours at least 3 days in advance.

Admission is free for:

- disabled persons and their assistants
- ICOMOS, ITIC, AMG or NPÚ card holders and holders of free admission tickets

The prices above are for tours in English or German. For prices of tours for school groups in Czech please see the Czech version of this page here:

Visitors wishing to see all tours available should start the first tour before 1 PM.

Taking photos for non-commercial uses and without the use of flash is permitted for free on all tours.

Credit cards are accepted.

For bookings or more information, please call +420 727 910 671 or +420 601 191 580 or email us at .