Opening times & admission prices

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Stud Kladruby n. L.
Stud Slatiňany


The National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem invites all visitors to guided tours of the stables, historic carriage house and harness room, museum of horse breeding in the Kladruby nad Labem area, forester’s house with a VR coach ride simulator and the lookout tower.

Opening times:

In the main season 1 April – 31 October, we are open every day except Mondays (and 10 Jun) from 10 AM to 4 PM.

All tours start at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00.

In the off season 1 November – 31 March we provide tours for groups of 10+ persons upon prior reservation.

Admission prices for tours in English or German


Adult Youth 6–15 / Student 15–26 / Senior >65 / Disabled >18 / Teacher with ITIC Family (2 adults + children 6–15) Tour duration


CZK 180 /

€ 6.7

CZK 120 /

€ 4.5

CZK 540 /

€ 20

45 min.


CZK 120 /

€ 4.5

CZK 75 /

€ 2.8

CZK 360 /

€ 13.4

45 min.

Carriage house, harness room and museum

CZK 120 /

€ 4.5

CZK 75 /

€ 2.8

CZK 360 /

€ 13.4

45 min.

Forester’s house CZK 45 /

€ 1.7

CZK 30 /

€ 1.2

CZK 135 /

€ 5

30 min.
Lookout tower CZK 20 /

€ 0.8

CZK 10 /

€ 0.4

CZK 60 /

€ 2.3

individual max. 30 min.

Complete tour

(all tours available)

CZK 390 /

€ 14.5

CZK 255 /

€ 9.5

CZK 1170 /

€ 43.4

3.5-4 hours

Admission is free for:

- children under 6 (excluding children in youth groups)
- disabled persons under 18, severely disabled persons and their assistants
- AMG, NPÚ or ICOMOS card holders and holders of free admission tickets

The prices above are for tours in English and German. For prices of tours in Czech please see the Czech version of this page here:

We provide tours in Czech, English and German. English or German speaking guides are available for groups of 5+ persons upon reservation or according to on-the-spot availability. If no English or German speaking guide is available, you may join a Czech guided tour and we provide you with an audio guide or a printed out text in English or German.

In exceptional cases when less than 5 full-price tickets are sold for a tour, the start of the tour may be postponed to a later time within the same day.

Groups of 10+ visitors should book their tour at least a week in advance.

Visitors wishing to see all objects should start the tour before 1 PM.

Taking photos for non-commercial uses and without the use of flash is permitted for free on all tours.

Credit cards are accepted.

For bookings or more information, please call +420 727 910 671 or +420 601 191 580 or email us at .

Tours available:

Stables - See the historic stables of one of the world’s oldest studs, which was promoted to the Imperial Court Stud as early as 1579. Meet our Old Kladrubers, the horses of kings and emperors, and explore the journey a newborn foal must make to become a stud mare or a breeding stallion.

Castle - Jump back in time to the days of the penultimate Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria, aka Sisi. Find out how they ate, prayed and loved in the century before WW I. Admire over twelve rooms furnished in the period style, calm down in the church they had built here and learn about their peculiar habits and lifestyles.

Carriage house, harness room and Stud history museum - Explore a coach of the last crowned Czech King, a coach of the first Czechoslovak President and a number of other remarkable carriages and horse drawn sleighs. Examine our life-size model of a team of eight grey horses in imperial harness and a fine collection of historic harnesses. And in the Stud history museum set out on a great journey through the nearly 500 hundred years of horse breeding in the Kladruby nad Labem area.

Forester’s house - Visit one of the oldest baroque log houses in the region, explore the historic office of the chief forester, and then discover a coach ride simulator, which will take you on a virtual tour through the unique cultural landscape of Kladruby nad Labem. In weekdays you can also peek inside a working saddler’s workshop.

Lookout tower - Freshly converted from an original 1920’s water tower, this 21.9 metre tall lookout tower allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the Stud.

You can visit the tower on your own. The key is to be borrowed at the ticket office against a 200 CZK deposit.