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Events Calendar 2018

January13.1.EQUESTRIAN BALL at National Stud Kladruby nad Labem
February2.-4.2.“Horses Are All the Rage at Half Term” – Opening of the National Stud for visitorsKladruby nad Labem, Slatiňany
3.2.Pétanque tournament for three-member teamsSlatiňany - riding hall
10.2.Czech Equestrian Federation Winter Riding Cup 2018 INDOOR HARNESS RACES Slatiňany - riding hall
16.-18.2.Kladruber Six-in-hand participation in Pferd Bodensee FairFriedrichshafen (Germany)
24.2.Kladruber breeders’ workshop and meeting Kladruby nad Labem

Visit National Stud while Enjoying Your Spring School Break  

Kladruby nad Labem
14.3.Public talk: Exceptional Value of the Landscape for the Keeping and Training of Ceremonial Coach Horses in Kladruby nad Labem, Zdeněk Novák Kladruby nad Labem
22.-23.3.ESSA Annual MeetingKladruby nad Labem, Slatiňany
28.3.Public talk: The History of the Management of the Silesian Noriker and Cold-blood Horses, Ivan Petrtýl Kladruby nad Labem
31.3.Opening of High SeasonKladruby nad Labem, Slatiňany
April4.4.Public talk: The Use of Kladruber Horses for Mounted Police, Josef Málek, Lenka Uskobová Kladruby nad Labem
7.4.The participation of Kladruber horses at the “Horses at Žofín” galapartyPrague
13. 4.Public talk: Kladruby nad Labem National Stud as Cultural Heritage, Neumann, Machek Kladruby nad Labem
19.-22.4.RUDOLF CUP - international driving event Kladruby nad Labem
27.4.General Meeting of the Horse Breeders’ Association of the CRKladruby nad Labem
May2.5.The participation of a pair of Kladruber horses at the chateau of Lány on the occasion of the formal opening of the exhibition dedicated to the foundation of the Republic and entitled “T. G. Masaryk in Lány”Chateau Lány
2.5.Public talk: The Life and Work of Prof. František Bílek, Jan NavrátilKladruby nad Labem
9.5.Spring sorting of Old Kladruber horsesSlatiňany
9.-13.5.Participation in an international driving eventWindsor (England)
10.5.Spring sorting of Old Kladruber horsesKladruby nad Labem
11. 5.Spring sorting of Old Kladruber horsesSlatiňany
12.5.Workshop: Transporting Horses: Ethology, Ethics and Welfare; Pavel ČechovskýKladruby nad Labem
16.5.Public talk: Johann Georg de Hamilton: the Painter of People and Animals; Ludmila Ourodová PhD.Kladruby nad Labem
25.5.THE NIGHT OF CHURCHESKladruby nad Labem
 26.5.THE KLADRUBER HORSE DAYKladruby nad Labem
 26.5.MUSEUM NIGHTKladruby nad Labem
June6.-10.6.Participation in an international driving eventLähden (Germany)
10.6.The Day of Open Gardens at National Stud (Mošnice Park)Kladruby nad Labem
21.-24.6.Participation in an international driving eventRiesenbeck (Germany)
Julyevery TuesdayDoors Open Day of His Imperial MajestyKladruby nad Labem
9.-15.7.Horse-assisted reconditioning stay, ROSKA PrahaKladruby nad Labem
17.-22.7.Participation in an international driving eventAachen (Germany)
Augustevery TuesdayDoors Open Day of His Imperial MajestyKladruby nad Labem
2.-5.8.Participation an international driving eventNebanice 
16.-19.8.Participation in an international driving eventPtakowice (Poland)
25.8.CASTLE&CHATEAU NIGHTKladruby nad Labem
27.8.-2.9.Horse-assisted reconditioning stay, ROSKA PrahaKladruby nad Labem
September1.9.Workshop: Handling and Rescuing Horses in Crisis and Risk Situations; P. ČechovskýKladruby nad Labem
8.9.European Heritage Day at National Stud - participation of the National Stud in cultural events running at multiple sites in the Czech RepublicKladruby nad Labem, Slatiňany
8.-9.9.Jiří Škodný Memorial Race – a driving eventHeřmanův Městec
11.-12.9.Performance testing, Kladruber mares and stallions from private stocksBenice
15.9.“KLADRUBY UPSIDE DOWN” Entertainment afternoon for familiesKladruby nad Labem
19.9.Public talk: Hippology Collections and Exhibits of National Agricultural Museum; Jana Jírovcová and Alena ŠtecherováKladruby nad Labem
21.-23.9.Participation at the KŮŇ (“Horse”) 2018 FairLysá nad Labem
October3.10.Public talk: Archaeological Research at Kladruby nad Labem National Stud; Tomáš ZavoralKladruby nad Labem
3.10.Autumn sorting, Kladruber horsesSlatiňany
4.10.Autumn sorting, Kladruber horsesKladruby nad Labem
14.10.Participation of Kladruber horses at the driving eventas part of the 128th Grand Pardubice SteeplechasePardubice
20.10.St. Hubertus Horse Ride IKladruby nad Labem
November3.11.ST. HUBERTUS HORSE RIDE II for the publicKladruby nad Labem
December26.-27.12.WINTER KINGDOM of Kladruber horsesKladruby nad Labem

The schedule for 2018 will be updated as necessary.