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Stud Kladruby n. L.
Stud Slatiňany


In 1560  all Pardubiceś earldom land together with kladrubś court and  manor house, including his park was sold by Jaroslav z Perštejna to the royal cabinet.  In 1563 The National stud was founded by Caesar Maxmilián II. Since then  our  famous and reputable horse breeding in Kladruby was established. In 1579  the original horse – park was  upgraded to caeser court stud by caesar Rudolf II.  That year is confirmed as the  official year the stud was established. Ceaser gave the order to build a new castle for his stays. In 1588 the first article about about the  castle was written in the urban book  of pardubiceś landed estate.

The two storyed castle was built in the Renaissance style and the catsle is in the shape of the  letter „L“.  The Castles integral church which was built and is one unit. There are many rooms, two kitchens, pantry and cellar indicate that the castle  was used for accomodation for many guests. Operating and administrative houses were built  besides the castle  – the house of  stud steward, riding hall and the  indispensable blacksmithś shop.

New coming fashion trends shaped the castle  as well. Reconstruction of the kladrubś castle  in 1722 corresponded with the Barque  style and due to an art historiographer there might be an  influence of Kilián Ignác Diezenhofer.

Conflagration at the castle destroyed the  church and stables. Under Josef II., the whole castle   district  was re-established and new  stables were  built  in 1836-1844.

As the styles and centuries changed, Rennaisance and  pseudo-Rennaisance reconstuction reappeared  in the castle  under caesar František Josef  I. Stud and the castle stayed the property of caesar family till the end of Hapsburg monarchy in 1918.