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Slatiňany Stud

Since 1992, the Slatiňany Stud has been part of the Kladruby nad Labem National Stud. Located near the town of Chrudim close to Pardubice, eastern Bohemia.

The stud encompasses the Central Horse Register as well as departments dedicated to horse management, sales, training, plant production and management of buildings.

The Central Horse Register performs activities based on the contract made with Českomoravská společnost chovatelů a.s. (Czech and Moravian Breeders Association, joint-stock company); it is also a body authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR to keep a central register of all horses kept in this country (except for A 1/1 and trotters).

The horse management department located at the stud consists of a stable of sires and three stables of dams.

Sires are housed in spacious boxes; dams without foals are kept within tie stalls, and dams with foals are kept in boxes or in loose stables.

The training department carries out training of stallions and mares, both under the saddle and in harness; the training period is completed by performance testing. Kladruber horses intended for sale are trained both under the saddle and in harness.

The Slatiňany stud includes a training centre in Heřmanův Městec, part of which is a gala tack room with a collection of bridles, saddles and harnesses, all declared as cultural heritage, and a foal farm in Slavice where colts and fillies are reared from weaning until 3.5 years old.

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